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Lay Ministry Formation / Basic Certification

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This program is for you if:

  1. You are involved in Church ministry or desire to do so.
  2. You are engaged in service to the Church in a way which requires interacting and influencing others.
  3. You are interested in infusing Christian values into the marketplace.
  4. You are a person seeking growth in your faith and personal enrichment.
  5. You are seeking Basic Certification as a Catechist.

Forming Lay Ministers who are Competent, Confident & Committed

The goals are:

  • to enhance lay ministry spirituality
  • to upgrade the level of parish leadership
  • to empower new leadership
  • to develop a common vocabulary
  • to support a theology of parish

Basic Certification Courses

There are four components to this Lay Ministry Formation Program: three modules—Spiritual Formation, Theological Formation and Pastoral Formation—plus a specialization. Each session of each module is two and one half hours. The modules are primarily for those in parish ministry but are also appropriate for adults seeking an update or spiritual enrichment.

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