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The First Diocesan Pastoral Council

The first Diocesan Pastoral Council was commissioned by Bishop Tod Brown on Saturday, September 30. Bishop Brown welcomed them by saying, "You are one of my primary leadership groups and I look forward to your consultation on several pastoral matters facing our diocese." Members were selected from each deanery. Additional representatives will be added.

Currently serving are:

Deanery 1: Guadalupe Aguilar-Ramirez

Deanery II: Ginny Espenship and Ralph E. Gatto

Deanery III: Heather Myers and Steve Oskorus

Deanery IV: Steve Madrid and Gerald Plummer

Deanery V: Sue Garcia and Jeff Urbaniec

Deanery VI: Rick Cabral and Tony Brodie

Deanery VII: Bill Ordway and Mary Kingston

Representing the Priests Council: Fr. John Urell and Fr. Ted Olsen

Representing the Deacons: Deacon Jay Milam and Deacon Martin Ruiz

Representing the Religious: Brother Joel Lechner and Sister Eymard Flood

Representing the Vietnamese: Dr. Huan Le

Representing the Youth: Armando Cervantes and Cecilia Phi

Staff to the Council are the Vicar General, Fr. Mike Heher and Chancellor, Shirl Giacomi


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